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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  February 19, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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good news for stressed driv.
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the bay bridge will re-open tonight. the announcement came about an hour and a haf ago. "the bridge is going to opet 7 o'clock tonight...start ts process safely" the ahead-of- schedule openg was possible because of good weather. rain would have slowed or stopped both the paving and striping. crews e able to work around the clo, beginning with the demolitif the old road, and building a detour to allow traffic to w while work continues. the reopening can't come soon eh for thousands of drivers who were caught in the gridlocks weekend. linda yee is in san francis, where there was backup bothn and out of the city at the golden gate bridge. linda. { traffic traffic traffic} { nat sot} negotiating the
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>> this would lead to the golden gate bridge. traffic here is fairly moving. negotiating the streets of san francisco is not and has not been easy. it's been one big traffic jam. >> it's been about 20 minutes, and 30 minutes almost. >> and yoou got about five blocks. >> yes, thank you, yes. >> reporter: only one direction of the bay bridge was shut down, but that forced motorists to cross the other bridges. traffic was backed up on the richmond san rafel bridge, feeder lanes to there were clogged. weekend traffic is traditionally heavy on the golden gate bridge, but this holiday, the numbers showed up. >> typically on saturday, we get about 20,000 cars on a usual cycle and we had about 70,000 cars, and the traffic was bad from about 4:00 p.m.
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to 10:00 p.m., the point at which people were waiting for as much as an hour or more. >> public transportation wasn't easy either. regular bart commuters complained there weren't enough trains. >> because they have too many people on the platforms right now, and a lot of people need to get to work and home. >> like you? >> yes. >> reporter: and it's been overcrowded? >> yes, this morning has been really bad. i waited about 20 minutes. >> reporter: and those that jammed the embarkadero platform were greeted with full trains. >> yeah, we couldn't fit in, so i don't know. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting to get on bart. >> 20 minutes. >> reporter: being inside a jammed car was no picnic either. >> pretty crowded in there so you kind of had to shove your way through to get to the exit. >> reporter: ridership has been extraordinarily high. bart of course has been running 24 hours since they closed down that western approach to the bay bridge. yesterday, they said they had
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236,000 passengers on bart, the fifth highest in bart history, so thank goodness, ann, they're going to be reopening that bridge. >> good news for berry drivers. thank you very much, linda. don knapp is taking a tour of the bay bridge construction, and he'll show us that at 11:00. gianna franco joins us with a complete look at the traffic area. >> until those lane get reopened on the bay bridge, we're not out of the woods just yet. here's a live look at chopper 5. as linda mentioned a couple of minutes ago, we are really jammed if you're on doil drive and lumbar streets, slow and go, traffic conditions are just crawling along. stays slow past the toll plaza and sluggish toward the tunnel. stay patient if you're working you're way through there this morning. if you're headed away from marrin city, south toledo, the golden gate bridge towards san
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francisco, slow speeds there as well. this was just jam-packed out of the east bay. so we're seeing green on our censors, showing quite a bit of improvement. westbound 80, slow conditions as you're waking your way towards the maze. southbound 880, a little sluggish, extra volume overall, but not too bad if you head across the san mateo bridge. no delays in the peninsula. northbound 101 we see delays through hills dale, north through there. if you take bart, good choice, all 23 trains are still on time right now, ann. >> thank you. as you can see and experience yourself, alternate routes have been jammed this weekend. the golden gate bridge has seen nearly double the amount of traffic compared to a regular weekend. more than 67,000 cars crossed the bridge yesterday, compared to 39,000 exactly a year ago. and by 4:00 this afternoon, 41,000 cars had already crossed. bart is reporting an
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increase in ridership for the weekend, as linda said, between 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. this morning, 9100 riders took bart. nearly 8,000 of them went across the bay, and bart will still run 24 hours late into monday night. fans had their final viewing, whitney houston was buried today in her home state of new jersey. the procession, led by a police escort traveling nearly 12 miles from the funeral home to fairview cemetery in westfield. fans gathered at the cemetery gates with flowers and signs. the actual burial was hidden from the public with privacy tents. houston was laid to rest next to her father who died in 2003. the oldest survivor of the 1906 earthquake has died. rose cliver was 109 years old. she was born in san francisco in 1902 and was three and-a-half at the time of the quake. she lived in a retirement home and was often a guest at the
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annual quake anniversary celebration in san francisco. organizers say this year's event will be dedicated to her. it was a sweet stunning tribute in san francisco to warren holman, a financeer and philanthropist who underwrote the blue grass festival since it started in 2001. he died of leukemia. part of the highway was shut down in celebration of his life and contribution. a new business, what's bad for the neighborhood. questions about what's happening on the table is on the level. what we found when we went inside a new massage parlor. >> that's it. that's the end of it. >> a week and-a-half after her death, whitney houston was laid to rest. how fans took one last opportunity to say goodbye. and it seems like our needle is stuck on this musical forecast again. rainy days and mondays. again, big changes ahead. we'll have details on that and
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why this nation was transfixed 50 years ago tomorrow. in a few minutes.
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broken crane on top of the k >> there was another traffic problem in san francisco this afternoon. there was a broken crane on top of the bank of america building downtown. it's not clear yet what happened, but a large box is dangling over california street. and as a precaution, the street has been closed for five blocks while crews figure out what to do. business is moving into one community are facing extra scrutiny from neighbors. the businesses are massage parlors, and some neighbors don't think everything on the table is exactly above board. anne makovec explains. >> it's hard to know what's really going on. >> reporter: the windows are covered, the signs are neon. the service provided, massage. >> how far does it go, erottic? oh, dear. >> reporter: these are the questions neighbors are asking after a few new businesses like
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melody massage moved into town. >> i do notice there's only male customers. >> hi, my name is ann with channel 5. >> reporter: when i rang the bell, the woman who answered said she'd be happy to have more of a female clientele. her husband came to back her up. >> we're just trying to run an honest business. if you want to see inside, come on inside. >> reporter: he gave us a tour of the facilities, and said that everyone who works for him is a certified therapist and they signed this paper saying they're not allowed to do anything illegal. his wife even teared up, telling a story about a man she says offered her a tip in exchange for extra work. >> okay. because she worked so hard and give him a good massage, a legal massage. >> reporter: there are several neighbors very upset about these businesses and came here to city hall last week and asked the city council to amend the municipal code to better regulate massage parlors. the council says it will take it
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under consideration. they say they welcome inspections and have only had the business two weeks. before, it was run by another owner. >> well, i think that we're losing our customer base. now, if there was a bad clientele that was coming here before, we don't want them here anyway. >> reporter: hopefully, somehow we'll get to the bottom of it and shake it out and find out. >> mainly for the safety of the neighborhood. >> reporter: in laciet, anne makovec, cbs 5. with cuts made and the services removed, one berry city could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars. how the cost of copper theft is running into the millions.
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70th anniversary of the internment of japanese amers during world war two. >> a day of remembrance to mark the 70th anniversary of the internment of japanese americans in world war ii. on february 19, 1942, president roosevelt issued an order which led to the incarceration of almost 120,000 japanese americans. bay area japanese americans gather annually to keep the memory alive and to be sure that it never happens again. freemont police need help finding brazen copper thieves who steal out in the open. lis washington shows us they're putting us at risk and the city deep in debt. >> reporter: councilman bill harrison is outraged that copper thieves are stealing from the city. >> we saved about $2 million so we didn't have to make major cuts and we could lose half of that by the snap of a finger by copper wire thieves. >> reporter: they discussed amending its contract with the
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company that handles its street light repairs and maintenance, adding $300,000 to damages caused by copper thieves. if the city continues, they could spend nearly $800,000 this fiscal year. >> in the first seven months, we've almost had a half million worth of damage we're going to have to repair. >> reporter: the councilman says thieves make stealing copper a two-night operation. one night they cut the power to the light poles, and the next, they take the copper. >> they don't care if they knock the pole down and got their 2,000 worth of material and now we're in a dangerous area with no lights. we have to replace those lights. >> reporter: the council urges anyone who sees the thieves to contact fremont police to bring light to the issue and keep the street lights on. in fremont, lisa washington, cbs 5. brian hackney joins us today. what happened 50 years ago.
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>> the eyes of the world were on the florida coast line and what was developing out there. we'll talk about that in a minute. first, let's talk about what's going on in the weather. things are developing tonight as we have clouds thickening in the pacific northwest. if you're heading out, don't expect to get wet anytime soon. it'll be cold, cloudy and temperatures in the 40s. we don't look for the rain to develop until after midnight tonight. for now, the temperature ranges pretty much from the upper 40s in san francisco to santa rosa, and 50 degrees in san jose. here's what it looks like. the low pressure spinning off the pacific northwest is pushing an anemic cold front in our direction. there are a few echoes off the oregon coast line, so light rain will spread south overnight, making for wet streets tomorrow and kind of a dismal day. no matter how high we look at the high-def doppler, not much of anything, and boy do we need it. if you look at the percentage
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average, 28% in san jose, and this is not going to add much. tomorrow starts out cloudy and wet for president's day. the forecast for tomorrow is looking at highs mostly in the 50s, and then everything changes. we're looking for things to really heat up on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures are going to be going to the 70s inland, and even as we look ahead to next weekend, there is not much. the numbers will be mostly in the mid-70s, and then down to the mid-60s, and after tomorrow, not a drop of rain. this nation 50 years ago was in the grip of this amazing story that was developing, and it all began with three little words. >> all the way. >> you've got speed, john glenn. >> 50 years ago tomorrow, this was the scene at cape canaveral, mercury astronaut john glenn rockets into space upon an atlas rocket pushing 17,500 miles an hour, and an altitude of 162 miles. by the time it was all over, in
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4 hours and 55 minutes, john glenn became the first american to actually orbit the earth. and this was the headline that people woke up to the day afterwards, felt wonderful. despite the fact they were worried that they had lost his heat shield in that flight and didn't know if he was going to survive reentry. >> very cool. >> that was unbelievable. >> do you remember the old sports page from that year? what'd the dodgers do that day. >> only a couple of athletes from that era could muster up excitement, and you've got them, don't you. >> buster posy makes his return on the field, but one giants picture suffers an injury already, and jeremy lin gets the chance to go national today. meanwhile, fill mickelson, can he make it back to back after pebble?
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"..." >> jeremy lin's high school coach is in such high demand that he needs a new phone that can handle seven calls at a time. >> anytime i'm actually on a phone call, that means i missed between four and seven phone calls from new york, every time. >> i tell you what, abc got his phone number today. pete dipenbrock was at the garden today sitting court side, watching the kid who was a 5'3" freshman in high school. the guy who hit the shot from half court, and got a brand new
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car, and got a hug from spike lee. dallas led by as many as, but fourth quarter, knicks up on top by 6, lin nails a 3 over dirk nowitski, 28 points for lin, who had a career-high 14 assists to go along with seven turnovers, another new york win. college hoops, stanford hosting oregon. ej singler hosts 10 of the ducks final 12 points, including the go ahead 3. stanford on the losing end, 68-64. sharks in detroit with the red wings looking to extend their streak, look at this number, 23 in a row. first period, fires the back-hand shot, 1-0, detroit. sharks down 2-0 in the second. power play. they keep the pressure on the
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back-up. mccure is going to get the credit for this goal. it's better to be lucky than good. the puck takes a funny bounce off the net into the goal. it's now 2-1. they're in it. but they get nocloser. third period, on a rush, darren helm finds the back of the night. san jose loses 3-2. a year ago, milos ronnish won his first app title. the 21-year-old is back in the final at hp pavilion. ravich unloads, you see it's 145 miles per hour, but he can bring it up to 155. takes a step, 7-6. second set, a lot less time here. match point. unforced error. ronich wins the second year in a row. they award the canadian with maple syrup. phil mickelson needing a birdie at 18, this to force the
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playoffs in la. yeah, but up next, bradley can join him for a three-way playoff. >> can he do it? yes, yes, yes oh, how good is that? >> joining bill haus in the playoff. in the second hole of sudden death, it's haus's turn. and haus saves the best for last, a 45-footer to win the northern trust open. baseball, giants pitchers and catchers took the field for the first time today in scottsdale, but not ryan vogelsong. he injured himself lifting weights at home a week ago. he could be out a week. but buster posy took the field after an infamous home plate collision that broke his leg and tour a ligament. he was back with his teammates today. a big mental hurdle for him, but
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they plan to take it easy on posy this spring and perhaps during the season with more rests and possibly starts at first base. >> the intensity is a little bit higher and there's a little bit of adrenalin just being out here with the rest of the guys and it being the first day so, i mean, >> it feels great. i mean, he doesn't want us to take it easy or doesn't want to be treated any different. >> i've got to stay as productive as possible, whether that's taking a blow here or there, playing first every once in awhile, whatever that may be, but the goal i think is to catch as many games as i can. >> you will hear from buster posy tonight. he'll join us one-on-one from scotts dale, arizona, and will be joined in studio, by warriors' general manager larry wiley tonight at 11:30, and the warriors are almost halfway through the season, not looking
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good. they're 11-17. after the bra vaddo, the new ownership, the talk of play offs is not going to happen. >> thanks. once again, driving on the upper deck on the bay bridge, coming up at 10:00 on the cw, a look at the finished construction and what to expect when you cross the bridge. also tonight, rising gasoline prices getting the attention of both republican challengers and the white house, what the high cost per gasoline means during a presidential election year. that'll do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next and, of course, your latest news and weather on ,,,,
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